Medical Device UDI & Patients

Every year more and more people are getting medical device implants installed in their body. This includes hips, knees, cardiac devices, cataract lenses and more. These devices are amazing life saving technological advancements. While these are on the rise, sadly recalls are too.

When a patient has a device installed they leave the surgery center, go home and the healing process begins. They find a physical therapist, attend appointments, work hard to heal and their back on track!

So what happens if there is a recall on the device inside of you? Are you instantly notified via text message? Email? Phone call? Unfortunately, no. Maybe you will see your implant on an infomercial. This process is highly flawed.

The biggest issue is when you leave the surgeon. Patients aren’t leaving with clear information on the medical device, i.e. model number or UDI (unique device identifier). This should be easy and automatic for surgeons to do for their patients.

If you are going to receive a medical device implant, make sure to ask for this information and while your at it download our mobile app to input the UDI and stay informed about your health.

TrackMy Solutions technology enables a patient to store this information, and be alerted in the event of a possible recall. The goal of our mobile and web app TrackMy Implants, is aimed at empowering patients to take action when it comes to their health. While we are early in our journey, we feel our mission to engage, education, involve, and inform our patients is an important one. We hope to continue to improve on what we have built thus far with our first application, and deliver additional functionality and features to our users. If you or a loved one has an implantable medical device, please take a look at our application in both the app store and google play store to see if this is right for you.

Written By : Tom Randel
June 6th, 2018